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About Kim

Kim Bailey earned her Real Estate license and joined Signature in April, 2018, bringing to the table the insight and expertise of a dedicated, enthusiastic and committed working professional who has experienced first-hand the business of Real Estate throughout South Florida.

As an employee for a local County Sheriff’s Department, Kim has successfully maneuvered through the foreclosure and eviction process, working directly with trustees, tenants and the owners of distressed properties who face losing their homes.

Kim’s sensitivity and concern for those who look to her for guidance through difficult times has made her a top agent of choice for buyers and sellers who seek a hard working professional with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities of home ownership today.

The South Florida native studied Business Administration and Criminal Justice at Broward Community College before embarking upon a highly successful Law Enforcement career. She has been the recipient of FEMA Training awards and outstanding performance evaluations over the years from supervisors who have recognized Kim’s day to day commitment and dedication on the job.

A penchant for accuracy and details truly defines Kim Bailey’s work ethic. For 13 years, she supervised budgets and payroll, oversaw government grants and coordinated purchasing and receiving activity as an Administrative Law Enforcement Specialist.

Traveling throughout Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach neighborhoods, Kim learned how vital and relevant an up- to- date understanding of Home Security and protection of real and personal property can be - a “behind the scenes” knowledge that she now passes on to her growing referral network of buyers, sellers, renters and investors.

The ability to communicate, interact, and educate her clientele about contracts and the law clearly defines Kim’s appeal for those seeking a most qualified personable, trustworthy and attentive agent- an enthusiastic and creative “people person” with a unique perspective of the Real Estate Industry from both a public and private perspective.

Away from work, Kim Bailey enjoys decorating her own home while spending quality time with her husband and four children. She is a licensed Cosmetologist and Notary who remains 100% committed to helping people.